the art’s amazing



[Verse 1]

Do you remember when we first met?

Do you remember when we first hung out like a birds nest?

First day of summer and I hit you with text

Saying, “Do you wanna kick it?” and you hit me with a “Yes”

Who would’ve known this the spark that I’d start chasing 

Got my heart racing while I’m waiting at the BART station

Skateboard gripped she greeted me with a hug 

She was so beautiful got a man feelin sprung 

Like a little kid with a kindergarten crush 

Went back to her crib and we didnt talk much 

Upstairs chillin we just laid on her bed

Had the tv on, we started kissing instead…

How Yuji asked Jessica to be his girlfriend :’) PRECIOUS.


NEW RAP VIDEO. This is probably my favorite one that I’ve made so far. I’m sure none of you remember my eskimo one, or any other ones, but I decided to just have some fun and make this. Thank you Yuji so much! He knows why!


The shit that I did when I was a teenager,
my life is like a movie you’d think it’s the-atre.
I talk in so much rhymes you gon’ need a translator, my dick is named Hitler because I’ll be your dictator. I got haters but I keep grinding like the skaters, stomp ‘em out like roaches or like Tyler the Creator .
I’m hot bitch, yeah South of the Equator. I’m bisexual so God calls me a traitor? My house is gonna be by so many acres, Japanese, origami, all about my paper. I’m from the bay so you know im in a scraper, They call me Jeffrey Dahmer cause I tear it like a raper.
I’m from the home of the almighty Raiders, my girl got cakes so I call her a baker, she’s white but shes getting money like a Laker.

If you say you don’t like this then you’re a faker.

Thats how you feel how you feel how you feel?

When I walk in the room you should watch how people kneel

Thats how you feel how you feel how you feel

Is that why you’re so jealous of my personal appeal?